Probate Court Of Jefferson County, Alabama

Citizens Supervisory Commission

The next meeting of the Citizens Supervisory Commission will be on Tuesday November 17, 2015 at Noon in Judge Alan King’s courtroom at the Jefferson County Courthouse.

Act No. 248, H.580 of the Alabama Legislature of 1945, established the Personnel Board of Jefferson County and governs its operation. The Act is generally referred to as the Board’s Enabling Act, as amended.

Section 5. of the Enabling Act created the Citizens Supervisory Commission and sets out its membership. In 1985, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama amended the membership of the Citizens Supervisory Commission.

Section 3. of the Enabling Act states, “Members number one, two and three (of the Personnel Board) shall be appointed by the Citizens Supervisory Commission…”

The current members of the Citizens Supervisory Commission are:

Judge Alan King, Chair
Presiding Probate Judge

Mr. William Barnes
Interim President, Birmingham Urban League

Mr. David Clark
United Steelworkers Local 1013
President, Central Alabama Labor Federation

Ms. Vickie Townes
Jefferson County – County Manager’s Office
County Employee Representative

Pastor E. O. Jackson
President, Interdenominational Ministerial
Alliance of Greater Birmingham

Dr. George T. French, Jr.
President, Miles College

Mr. Brian Hilson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Birmingham Business Alliance, Inc.

Mr. Hezekiah Jackson, IV
President, NAACP Birmingham Branch

Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith
President, Birmingham-Southern College

Mr. Keith A. Brown, Esq.
Interim President, Jefferson State Junior College

Jan Plyler
President, Jefferson County Council of PTA

F. Cleveland Kinney, PhD., M.D.
President, Jefferson County Medical Society

Dr. Perry W. Ward
President, Lawson State Community College

Mr. Donald R. Baker
Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service
Municipal Employee Representative

Dr. Ray L. Watts
President, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dr. Andrew Westmoreland
President, Samford University

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