Probate Court Of Jefferson County, Alabama

Campaign Finance Reports

The Campaign Finance Reports for State of Alabama Elected officials and Candidates are filed with the Alabama Secretary of State.   Click here for the Secretary of State.

Jefferson County Elected Officials and Candidates can “declare” to  file their Campaign Finance Reports with the Secretary of State (SOS).  Their “Declaration-Election to File Electronically with the Secretary of State”  is filed in Jefferson County Probate Court.  Thereafter, their Campaign Finance Reports can be filed electronically with the SOS.  Click here for the SOS Declaration Form.

The Campaign Finance Reports for Jefferson County Elected Officials and Municipal Candidates can be accessed via the Probate Court ROAM system.  The Jefferson County Commission passed Amendment No. 1 to Administrative Order 03-1 in 2008 which requires departments to charge $1.00 per page for copies made in Jefferson County.  The ROAM system will allow users to select the Campaign Finance Reports for those elected official/candidate one wishes to access; however, to make copies of the reports, one will need to pay $1.00 per page.

To access the Campaign Finance Reports on ROAM, the steps to follow are as follows:

1. If you have previously registered: Proceed to “LOG IN
If you have not previously registered:  Please review the types of subscriptions under “SUBSCRIPTIONS” before beginning your registration.  Complete the registration process at “REGISTER”.  Upon completion of your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your password and logon access.

2. To search a general index of all document types:
Enter the name you wish to search and all documents that have been recorded will appear.
* On the left hand side of the screen, under “INDEX TYPES” you will find the different types of documents filed for name searched.   Each field is sortable.
* NOTE: The site includes informational filing data (only) dating back to 1986 and data and images beginning in 1993 to present.

3. To search specific document types, go to “ADVANCED SEARCH” located on the right hand side of the name search field.  Scroll down and select the document type you wish to search.  This will return all filings under this type of document.