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Write-In Votes

The Alabama Legislature passed Act 2016-450 relating to counting write-in votes, in the August, 2016 Special Session. Beginning with the General Election on November 8, 2016, write-in votes will NOT be counted on election night. Rather, if the election night (unofficial) vote total for a particular race reflects that the vote differential is LESS than the number of write-in votes cast, then, in that event, write-ins for that particular race will be counted during the week following the Tuesday election, and will be addressed at the meeting for tabulating provisional ballots cast. (Note: Election results are NOT official until provisional ballots have been counted, Write-In Votes, if applicable, have been addressed, and the election results have been canvassed).

Candidate Qualifying

If you are interested in becoming a candidate in 2016 for a local office in Jefferson County, the qualifying periods are:

  • Jefferson County Democratic Party: September 14, 2015 – November 6, 2015
  • Jefferson County Republican Party: October 23, 2015 – November 6, 2015

If you are interested in becoming a candidate in 2016 for a state-wide office in Alabama, the qualifying periods are:

  • Alabama Democratic Party: September 14, 2015 – November 6, 2015
  • Alabama Republican Party: October 5, 2015 – November 6, 2015

State qualifying is with the state party office and local qualifying (Jefferson County) is with the county chairperson for each political party.

Declaration of candidacy must be filed with the county party chairman no later than 5:00 PM on November 6, 2015.
§17-13-5(a) Code of Alabama 1975

Fair Ballot Commission Statement

Act 2014-399, known as the Alabama Informed Voter Act, created the Fair Ballot Commission. The purpose of the Commission is to provide to the public a fair and accurate explanation of what a vote for and what a vote against a statewide measure represents.

Approved Fair Ballot Commission Statements for the November 4, 2014 General Elections


View 2016-2017 Birmingham precinct changes.

There has been a new precinct added in the Gardendale area:
Precinct 4015- Gardendale Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church located at 805 Crest Drive, Gardendale, AL 35071.

Precinct 2350- Shady Grove Baptist Church has been changed to Oxmoor Valley Community Center located at 1992 Wenonah Oxmoor Road, Birmingham, AL 35211.

Precinct 5200-Mountaintop Community Church has been moved to Mountaintop Community Church Adderhold Student Center located at 226 Centerview Drive, Birmingham, AL 35216.

Precinct 5040 – Lakeside Baptist Church has been changed to Metropolitan Church of God located at 2800 Metropolitan Way, Birmingham, AL 35243.

Precinct 4120 – Clearview  Baptist Church has been changed to Grace Community Church located at 2165 Old Springville Road, Birmingham, AL 35215.

Precinct 1390 Lewis Elementary School has moved to North Birmingham Public Library located at  2501 31st Ave. N., Birmingham, AL 35207.


Beginning with the November 4, 2014 General Election, registration for new voters will end 14 days before the election.  (Previously, the cut-off for registering to vote in the upcoming election was 10 days prior to the day of the election).

The Alabama legislature enacted Senate Bill 235 in April, 2014, amending Sections 17-3-50 and 17-4-2 Code of Alabama 1975.

Presidential Preference Primary Election – March 1, 2016:

The last day to hand-deliver a voter registration form to the Board of Registrars will be Friday, February 12, 2016. [17-3-50(a) Code of Alabama 1975

The last day to postmark a voter registration form will be Saturday, February 13, 2016. [17-3-50(a) Code of Alabama 1975.

Primary Runoff Election – April 12, 2016:

The last day to register to vote is Monday, March 28, 2106. [17-3-50(a) Code of Alabama 1975


Jefferson County has purchased new Elections Systems and Software (ES&S) DS200 Voting Tabulators and they will be launched at the Presidential Preference Primary Election on March 1, 2016.

For many years past, Jefferson County has used the M100 Tabulators and the new state of the art tabulators will be used for many years to come.


The Alabama Supreme Court issued an Opinion (Davis v. Bennett, 1111629) on April 18, 2014 regarding a Voter’s change of address.

As a voter is showing their Photo ID, the Poll Worker will look up the voter information and ask, “Is this your current address?”

If the answer is “NO”, the voter will be given the proper precinct name so they can travel to their proper precinct. At their new precinct, the voter will need to complete a Voter Update form, and vote a provisional ballot.

It is suggested that voters update their information upon moving instead of waiting until Election Day. The Voter will need to do so prior to 10 days before an election. (Note: Beginning with the November 4, 2014 General Election, the Voter will need to update their address 14 days prior to the election).

Voter Update Forms are available from the Jefferson County Registrar, Barry Stephenson, 716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N., Room 410-A, Birmingham, Alabama 35203 Telephone: (205) 325-5550, or from Jefferson County Probate Court in Birmingham, 716 Richard Arrington, Jr. Blvd. N., Room 120, Birmingham, Alabama 35203 Telephone: (205) 254-7387, or from Bessemer Probate, 1851 2nd Ave. N., Bessemer, Alabama 35020, Telephone: (205) 481-4100, or on-line at, click on VOTERS, and then on Register To Vote (the Form can also be used to update an address), print it, fill it in and mail to the Registrar (The mailing address for Jefferson County is on the form).


With the new Voter Identification law set to take effect with the Primary elections on June 3, 2014, it is important for as many citizens as possible to become aware of the new requirements.

A photo ID will be the only valid form of identification. There are many senior citizens and others who do not have valid Driver’s Licenses. If not, and if someone does not have a photo ID (a valid Alabama or U.S. government photo ID, a valid county or municipal photo ID, a valid U.S. Passport, a valid Student photo ID, a valid Military ID with photo, a valid Tribal ID with photo), a non-Driver’s License photo ID will be required.

The Alabama Secretary of State has placed equipment in the Board of Registrar’s Office at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Room 410 A to issue non-Driver’s License photo IDs at no cost. The telephone number is (205) 325-5550, and their office is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

In addition, the Alabama Secretary of State has scheduled for a mobile van to appear and issue non-Driver’s License photo ID’s, free of charge, at the following locations in Jefferson County during the week of Monday, May 5 through Monday, May 12, 2014:

May 5th

9:30 – 12 PM Bessemer, Alabama – Bessemer Public Library, 400 19th Street North, 35020

1 PM – 4 PM – Center Point, Alabama – Center Point City Hall, 2209 Center Point Parkway, 35215

May 6th

9 AM – 12 PM – Brighton, Alabama – Brighton Senior Services Center, 4100 Main Street, 35020

1 PM – 4 PM – Gardendale, Alabama – Gardendale Civic Center, 970 Main St, Gardendale, Al 35071

May 7th

9 AM – 12 PM – Irondale, Alabama – Irondale Detective Building, 5415 Beacon Drive Suite 123, 35210

1 PM – 4 PM – Leeds, Alabama – Leeds Civic Center, 1000 Park Drive, 35094

May 8th

9 AM – 12 PM – Pinson, Alabama – Pinson Public Library, 4410 Main Street, Pinson, Al 35126

May 9th

9 AM – 12 PM – Trussville, Alabama – Trussville Civic Center, 5381 Trussville Clay Road, 35173

1 PM – 4 PM – Warrior, Alabama – Warrior City Council Chambers, 215 North Main Street 35180

May 12th

9:30 AM – 3:30 PM – Hoover, Alabama – Public Library, 200 Municipal Drive, Hoover, 35216