Probate Court Of Jefferson County, Alabama

Court Costs

Probate Court of Jefferson County Judicial Filing Fees

(Effective 2/1/14)

Administration $57.00
AD Colligendum Cost Bill (determined by number of pages)
Adoption $87.00 (Set hearing)
Bond Approval & Recording
Additional bond
Executor’s bond
Will annexed bond
Security for cost bond
Change Name of Adult
(Set for Hearing)
$75.00-$95.00 CASH ONLY
Change Name of Minor $27.00 over counter – CASH ONLY
Claims $14.00
Consent Settlement
$31.00 (By Consent of Minor now Adult)
Consent Settlement
All Others
$16.00 (if over 10 pgs, $3.00 for each pg over 10)
Includes certified copy of final decree.
Disclaimer of Interest $14.00 for 1st page, plus $3.00 for each add’l. page
Inventory $14.00 for 1st page, plus $3.00 for each add’l. page
Legitimation $27.00 over counter – CASH ONLY
$37.00-$40.00 if hearing + publication fee of $60.00 – CASH ONLY
Marriage Corrections $27.00
Renunciation on Will $14.00 for 1st page, plus $3.00 for each add’l. page
Renunciation on Administration No Charge
Successor Letters $56.00
Trust Cases $198.00 Filing Fee + Hearing Court Cost
Trusteeship $32.00 (If Letters Are Issued)
Will (Probate of) $57.00 ($3.00 each extra pages over 5) + Notice to Creditors

Service Fees

Additional Page $3.00
Certification $3.00
Copies $1.00 each
Certified/Registered Mail $10.00 each
Double Certification $6.00
Final Decree Consent Settlement $5.00
Final Record $3.00 per page
Triple Certification $9.00
Updated Letters $3.00 each