Probate Court Of Jefferson County, Alabama



As a service to our customers and attorneys, your Jefferson County Probate Office now offers eRecording. For more information, please visit the Simplifile siteePN site, or the CSC site. Alternatively, you can contact their offices at the numbers below:


Barbara McLean
Regional Sales Director
Office: 800-460-5657, ex. 1033
Support: 800-460-5657, ex. 7001


Janine McCabe
Account Executive

Office: (407) 450-4124
eRecording Technology that Bridges Submitters & Counties

Gwen Brooks Barber
Principal Court Clerk, Bessemer Division
Office: 205-481-4100


Jefferson County Probate offers E-Recording of the following:

  • AFF: Affidavit
  • AGREE: Agreement
  • AS: Assignment or transfer of mortgage
  • CANREL Cancellation of satisfaction
  • CO: Court order
  • CONTR: Contract of purchase
  • D: Deed
  • FCD: Foreclosure Deed
  • LN: Lien, judgment, lis pendens
  • LNXF: Lien transfer or assignment
  • MTG: Mortgage, mortgage modification
  • NOTE: Note
  • NOTICE: Notice
  • ORD: Ordinance & Petition for Annexation
  • OPT: Option to purchase
  • POA: Power of Attorney/Revoc of same
  • PPHL: Hospital lien
  • PPRHL: Release of hospital lien
  • RELAGR: Release or cancellation of agreement
  • RELRL: Release of rents & leases
  • RESO: Resolution or ordinance
  • REST: Restrictions or covenants
  • RJ: Lien release or satisfaction
  • RM: Satisfaction of mortgage
  • RMRL: Release of mortgage & rents/leases
  • RMP: Partial release of mortgage
  • RSTMTG: Reinstate mortgage
  • TR: Trust or declaration of trust
  • VAC: Vacation or dedication
  • XFRL: Assignment of rents and leases
  • XINT: Transfer of interest or equity
  • UCC 7: UCC financing statement
  • UCC2: UCC continuation
  • UCC3: UCC transfer or assignment
  • UCC4: UCC partial release
  • UCC5: UCC amendment
  • UCC6: UCC termination
  • UCC11: Satisfaction of Federal Tax Lien

*We will process documents in arrival order within the queue until 3:00 p.m. daily.