Probate Court Of Jefferson County, Alabama

Recording Costs

(Effective 6/1/2012)

Deed Tax – $0.50 PER $500 or fraction thereof
Mortgage Tax – $0.15 PER $100 or fraction thereof

The following recording fees are collected on all documents except the ones specifically set out in the tables below:

  • $16.00 for the 1st page, plus $3.00 for each additional page
  • $1.00 “No Tax Collected” stamp on deeds, mortgages and leases where we do not collect tax
  • $1.00 for each additional grantee, grantor (you are allowed 2 grantees, 2 grantors)


If maps contain more than 15 lots+ $1.00 per additional lot
Each additional page+ $10.00 (maximum fee $200)

Marriage Certificates

First copy$84.50
Additional copies+ $3.00


Satisfaction of mortgage$16.00 (regardless of number of pages)
Each additional mortgage satisfied on the same form+ $1.00


Notary Bonds$52.00
Notary Application$10.00


UCC Financing Statements, Continuations, Amendments, Assignments, Partial Releases, and Withdrawals (1 or 2 pages)$33.00
Each additional page over 2 pages+ $2.00
UCC Terminations$0 [no charge]

Note: Mortgage tax due on amount of indebtedness

As of January 1, 2021, all new domestic corporation entity applicants will submit their filings directly to the Secretary of State’s Office. No filings are done on the county level. This includes formations, dissolutions or amendments. Only copies of filings prior to January 1, 2021, may be obtained at the Probate Court.

If you have any questions, you may contact 334-242-5324 or