Probate Court Of Jefferson County, Alabama

Campaign Finance Reports

Per Section 17-5-9 (e) in The Code of Alabama 1975, “Commencing with the 2018 election cycle, all principal campaign committees and political action committees that file with the judge of probate, other than candidates for municipal office, shall file electronically with the Secretary of State pursuant to this chapter.”

The Campaign Finance Reports for State of Alabama and Jefferson County Local Elected officials and Candidates are filed with the Alabama Secretary of State.  Click here for the Secretary of State.

Beginning with the 2018 Election Cycle, Jefferson County Elected Officials and Candidates began filing their Campaign Finance Reports with the Secretary of State (SOS). All reports filed by Jefferson County Elected Officials/Candidates prior to the 2018 Election Cycle can still be accessed through Probate Court.

The Campaign Finance Reports for Municipal Officials and Candidates can be accessed via the Probate Court LANDMARK WEB system.  The Jefferson County Commission passed Amendment No. 1 to Administrative Order 03-1 in 2008 which requires departments to charge $1.00 per page for copies made in Jefferson County.  The LANDMARK WEB system will allow users to select the Campaign Finance Reports for those elected official/candidate one wishes to access; however, to make copies of the reports, one will need to pay $2.00 per page.

To access the Campaign Finance Report on LANDMARK WEB, the steps to follow are as follows:

  1. If you have previously registered: Proceed to “LOG ON
    If you have not previously registered: Please review the types of subscriptions under before beginning your registration. To complete registration:

    1. Click “LANDMARK WEB (records search)
    2. Click “Log On” then “Register New Account
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